Probus Hibiscus Coast

35th Anniversary Book

19th October 1982 was the date on which Probus came to the Hibiscus Coast. Probus Club of Hibiscus Coast was a pioneer within the Rodney District and was followed within a year by 12 new clubs from Mahurangi to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.


In 2015, the Mens Probus Club of Hibiscus Coast became concerned at the possibility that the rights to the use of the Probus name which Clubs had been using for decades, might be lost as the result of legal steps being undertaken by Probus South Pacific Ltd (PSPL). If successful, this could mean that any Club not affiliated to PSPL would have to change its name. With no wish to remain under the rule of an inflexible governing body, it sought a name which might be suitable as a re-branding option for NZ Clubs.

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